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                                                                              Accounts of Chemical Research
                                                                              Vol 36, Issue 09 Cover Page
                                         Cholesterol oxidase modelled in contact with cellular membrane and cholesterol
                                                                               Sampson NS & Vrielink A.
                                             Cholesterol Oxidases: A Study of Nature's Approach to Protein Design.  
                                                              Acc Chem Res.
2003, 36, 713-722  HTML/PDF


Gunasekara S, Vrielink A, Stubbs KA. (2010).

Preliminary studies into the inhibition of the cholesterol alpha-glucosyltransferase from Helicobacter pylori using azasugars.

Carbohydrate Research, 345, 960-964. HTML/PDF


Vrielink, A. (2010).

Cholesterol oxidase: Structure and function.

Subcellular Biochemistry. 51, 137-158


Vrielink, A. & Ghisla, S. (2009).

Cholesterol oxidase: Biochemistry and structural features.

FEBS Journal, 276, 6826-6843. HTML/PDF


Lyubimov, A.Y. Chen, L. Sampson, N. S. & Vrielink, A. (2009).

A hydrogen bonding network is important for oxidation and isomerization in the reaction catalyzed by cholesterol oxidase. 

Acta Crystallographica Section D. 65, 1222-1231. HTML/PDF


Chen, L., Lyubimov, A., Brammer, L., Vrielink, A. & Sampson, N.S. (2008).

The binding and release of oxygen and hydrogen peroxide are directed by a hydrophobic tunnel in cholesterol oxidase. 

Biochemistry 47, 5368-5377. HTML/PDF


Lyubimov, A.Y., Heard, K., Tang, H., Sampson, N.S. & Vrielink, A. (2007).

Distortion of flavin geometry linked to ligand binding in cholesterol oxidase.

Protein Science, 16, 2647-2656. HTML/PDF


Moustafa, I. Foster, S. Lyubimov, A. Y. & Vrielink, A. (2006).
Crystal structure of LAAO from Calloselasma rhodostoma with its substrate and substrate analogue: impacts on the mechanism.
Journal of Molecular Biology
, 364, 991-1002. HTML/PDF

Lim, L., Guinn, N., Molla, G., Ghisla, S., Pollegioni, L. & Vrielink, A. (2006).
Structural and kinetic analysis of the H121A mutant of cholesterol oxidase.
Biochemical Journal, 400, 13-22. HTML/PDF

Lyubimov, A.Y. Lario, P.I., Moustafa,, I. & Vrielink, A. (2006).
Atomic resolution crystallography reveals how changes in pH shape the protein microenvironment.
Nature Chemical Biology, 2, 259-264. HTML/PDF

Vrielink, A., P.I. Lario & Lyubimov, A.Y. (2005).
The crystal structure of cholesterol oxidase at atomic resolution: A study of the catalytic mechanism.
in:  'Flavins and Flavoproteins 2005, (Eds T. Nishino et al.) ARchiTect Inc. Tokyo
pp 71-80.

Vrielink, A., & Sampson, N.S. (2003).
Sub-Ångstrom Resolution Enzyme X-ray Structures:  Is Seeing Believing?
Current Opinion in Structural Biology, 13, 709-15.  HTML/PDF

Lario PI, & Vrielink A. (2003).
Atomic Resolution Density Maps Of the Backbone Carbonyl Groups Reveal Secondary
Structure Dependent Differences in Electronic Distribution.  
Journal of the American Chemical Society,
125, 12787-94.  HTML/PDF

Manjasetty BA, Powlowski J, & Vrielink A. (2003).
Crystal structure of a bifunctional aldolase-dehydrogenase: sequestering a
reactive and volatile intermediate.  
Proc Natl Acad Sci U S A
., 100, 6992-7 HTML/PDF

Lario PI, Sampson N, & Vrielink A. (2003).
Sub-atomic Resolution Crystal Structure of Cholesterol Oxidase: What Atomic Resolution
Crystallography Reveals about Enzyme Mechanism and the Role of the FAD Cofactor in Redox Activity.  
Journal of Molecular Biology,
 326, 1635-50  HTML/PDF

Ye, Y. Sampson, N.S., Vrielink, A., & Lario, P.I. (2001).
The presence of a hydrogen bond between asparagine 485 and the pi system of FAD
modulates the redox potential in the reaction catalyzed by cholesterol oxidase.  
Biochemistry  40
, 13779-13787.  HTML/PDF


Geyer, A., Fitzpatrick, T.B., Pawelek,, P., Kitzing, K., Vrielink, A., Ghisla, S. & Macheroux, P. (2001).
Structure and characterization of the glycan moiety of L-amino acid oxidase from the
malayan pit viper Calloselasma rhodostoma
European Journal of Biochemistry
, 268, 4044-53.  Abstract


Coulombe, R., Yue, K.Q., Ghisla, S. & Vrielink, A. (2001).
Oxygen access to the active site of cholesterol oxidase through a narrow
channel is gated by an Arg-Glu pair

Journal of Biological Chemistry
 276, 30435-30441.  HTML/PDF


Pawelek, P., Cheah, J., Coulombe, R., Macheroux, P., Ghisla, S. & Vrielink, A. (2000).
The structure of L-amino acid oxidase reveals the substrate trajectory into an
enantiomerically conserved active site.  
EMBO Journal
19, 4204 - 4215.  HTML/PDF


Ahvazi, B., Coulombe, R. Delarge, M., Zhang, L., Vedadi, M., Meighen, E. & Vrielink, A. (2000).
Crystal structure of the NADP+ dependant aldehyde dehydrogenase from Vibrio harveyi.
Structural implications for cofactor specificity and affinity.  
Biochemical Journal
349, 853 - 861.  HTML/PDF


Kohls, D., Sulea, T., Purisima, E., MacKenzie, R. & Vrielink, A. (2000).
The crystal structure of the formiminotransferase domain of formiminotransferase-Cyclodeaminase: Implications for substrate channeling in a bifunctional enzyme.  
8, 35-46.  HTML/PDF


Yue, K.Q., Kass, I.J., Sampson, N.S. & Vrielink, A. (1999)
Crystal Structure Determination of Cholesterol Oxidase from Streptomyces and
Characterization of Key Active Site Mutants.  
38, 4277-4286  HTML/PDF


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