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Alice Vrielink

Professor of Structural Biology

School of Biomedical Biomolecular and Chemical Sciences

University of Western Australia

35 Stirling Highway

Crawley, WA, 6009



Email:       [email protected]

Phone:   +61 08 6488 3162

Fax:          +61 08 6488 1005


Welcome to the Vrielink laboratory homepage!  We are primarily interested in the structural aspect of enzyme function and mechanism as well as understanding the structural factors underlying gene transcription.  In the area of enzyme function our work can be divided into two main categories: redox catalysis in flavoenzyme oxidases and substrate channeling in multifunctional enzymes.  In the transcription field we are pursuing structural and biophysical studies on a number of important factors governing transcription elongation.   In addition, we are pursuing ultra-high resolution crystallographic studies of protein folding, stability and interactions with prosthetic groups.  Feel free to follow any of the links on this page to learn more about who we are and the work we do!


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